Some preparations you must do when moving to new home

The house is a home, a place where family members gather together every day. The factor that every homeowner cares about is so that when moving into a new house, the fortune is always full in the house. So, do the things below to ensure luck for everyone in the family.

1. Choose a good day to move house

The way to choose the date to move house is usually based on the age of the owner, the direction of the house, the direction of the land, the zodiac time of the day, .. support members. Of course, choosing this date also depends on the beliefs and customs of each different locality.

2. Perform the ritual of entering the house, cleansing

The entrance ceremony is simply understood as the launching ceremony or the permission of the gods of fortune and land of the house. Depending on the conditions of each homeowner, this ritual will have a simple or large scale.

The process of performing this ritual is as follows: The owner holds the incense burner and walks past the charcoal stove placed in front of the door, other utensils will be brought by family members. Next, the householder reads the vows to enter the house. At the end of the ritual, turn on the lights and boil the water on the charcoal stove, and open the door for ventilation.

3. Worshiping the land and the gods in the house

After the initiation ceremony has been completed, another equally important rite is also the land and the gods in the house. You have to worship Earth Earth, the god who guards the land and blesses the family with peace. The offering tray includes betel nut, votive paper, confectionery, fruit, and savory offerings such as wine, meat, sticky rice, chicken, etc.

4. Steam house to dispel miasma

Steaming the house for a new home is essential to help dispel the accumulated miasma in the house, and also to drive away harmful insects in the house. The principle is to steam from top to bottom, from the inside out, to thoroughly steam in the walls with high signs of mold to increase heat and yang.

Usually, the house steam mixture is the roots, aromatherapy, incense and frankincense powder. Then, put it all into the super soil to make it easier to hold. When steaming the ground, you should open all the doors, the smoke coming out of the hose will take all the bad gases out

5. Do the cooking, boil the water and spend the night in the new house

After completing the rituals related to worship, the next thing is to move in. First, you should bring a mat in use, a fire (avoid electric stoves, brooms or water first). However, when entering the house, the owner should look at the age and the network to choose the best one, for other members, it is not too taboo but just need to hold the necessary items.

Next, boil a kettle of water, as representing the family’s financial resources will always be abundant and prosperous. Some feng shui experts also recommend closing all sinks, bathtubs, etc. and then opening the faucets very small for a long time, to symbolize the fullness of the family.

6. Put the red bag in the rice container

According to Chinese custom, putting a red bag with the word “full” in the rice box symbolizes a prosperous life. According to Chinese rites, red always brings all good things. Therefore, you should prepare a red cloth bag for the rice bin.

7. Hang wind chimes to guide and circulate qi in the house

According to feng shui, wind resistance (feng shui) has a spiritual element, this item can lead the air to circulate in the house, the sound it emits can dispel evil spirits, signaling the “yin” is the land. already dominated by yang, stay away. The best place to hang the wind chime is the window, the main door, ..

8. Leave the lights on for the first 3 nights after moving to a new house

Lighting the first 3 nights symbolizes that yin will not go out. So leave the lights on for 3 nights when moving into a new home. At the same time, when the first night goes to sleep, the householder should lie down for a while, then get up to do something for a while, and then go to sleep again to symbolize going to sleep but will still get up.

9. Have fun on moving day

Finally, with an important event for every family like this, you must always be in a happy, welcoming state for everything to go well. Absolutely do not get angry, quarrel, scold or scold children.

Here are 9 important things to note for a successful house move and bring a lot of luck. Hope readers can refer to it and help when moving to a new home.

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